This Photo Shoots always fun to do and messy but worth every photo capture



02/08/2017 9:46pm

She is so cute and funny! I wonder what is her nationality? She looks like an Asian! I find her very big too at her age, what do you feed to her? Anyway, thank you for posting the picture of this cute baby girl, have a good day!


This baby girl looks really pretty! Look at the way she smiles during the photo shoot. I bet her parents are really happy to have her as their daughter. She looks nice and smart. She was able to make some good shots. I am really looking forward to some other shots from you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

10/13/2017 4:47am

Oh my goodness! She looks so adorable in every picture. It’s as if she does not have one bad angle. I wish I could be this cute, even if I am this messy. I am only messy in real life but never looked this adorable. You have a great eye for photos, do you take freelance work because I would be really interested in booking you for my daughter’s first birthday. I am hoping for your response because I would love Sheeya’s photos to be this great.

06/07/2017 4:23pm

Happy first birthday little girl! She's so cute and adorable. I never did this on my daughter's first birthday before, and this looks like a very fun idea! If we're lucky to have another sibling, I hope to surprise her with something like this as well. Amazing photos! If that kid grows up and saw this picture, it will be a blast!

09/20/2017 5:35am

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