This beautiful little girl was really quite and shy and that was more then enough. 

Any photo that was taken was the perfect photo, couldn't ask for anything more. Taking photo's of little children was what made my wife and I wanted to have kids and she really made an impact on our decision to have a baby. Especially knowing her dad personally and seeing how proud he was of have her made me feel I was missing out. Now I'm a proud father to baby Lyla. 


03/11/2017 12:03am

This children is really so cute and parents loving your children. Mostly children are going to outing with children and enjoy. All the children are totally enjoy for going to the park for playing the games.

08/03/2017 5:14pm

She looks really adorable. By just looking at her pictures, I can totally see that she is indeed a quiet and shy type of kid. Well, for me, that is really cute. I've been encountering a lot just like her and I don't know why, but I find all of them interesting. In my opinion, kids are quiet and shy are those who will mature earlier than expected, But of course, maybe I'm not always right yet that's my opinion.

11/17/2017 2:08am

I am friends with some of the finest photographers in the country. Though they are separated by their different specialties, they have similar opinion when it comes to shooting an infant; "It's hard!" It is because the subject cannot understand an order that's why it is the photographer that has to make some adjustments. Though it's a bit challenging, at least the result is exceptional. You were able to capture the beautiful smile of this cutie!


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