Two sisters one pinup photo shoot, must see photos.
They were so much alike and yet so different. I love when family get together to do something so different from their lifestyle and have fun experiencing something new. The photos came out prefect for them one was a fight attendant and her husband a pilot, her photos concept where perfect. The other sister was more into cars her husband having a low rider her photos where prefect too.
It was great to have both of them.

 Hope to meet and shoot more sisters & Best Friends like these two.



03/28/2016 2:51am

Both of these sisters are looking very nice in that photographs and their make up and dressing are awesome and we can see they made very nice pose that is the proof that they are experienced models.

04/18/2017 5:32am

Nice job on the photo shoot. I really love the setting and the theme that they used. I think this is a 1970s fashion and they also used a vintage plane. The bike looks so cool with those big tires an a flame decal. The model also was able to produce a good pose.

07/26/2016 3:12am

Looks really good but you need more details as for me.


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01/14/2017 12:10pm

I like this images. I think that those girls are so much better as a pilots!


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05/23/2017 9:41pm

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