Because taking photos standing up is sometimes boring...

Pin Me Up Valentine's Special $175



05/01/2016 8:50am

I like your colour combinations and the environmental settings you chose for your photographs. I suggest that you do more write ups in addition to what you have on the page for a proper assessment.

03/08/2017 5:57pm

That's a very unique pose, yup maybe standing is very boring because of the same pose they have. But, it's about how they will capture every single pose making it unique. I love the concept of it, but It needs more improvements with how you capture your subject and be more creative with their poses. That's all but I find it cute. Hope to see more of your pictures.


Yeah, this pose is very popular. I like Pin up style so much! Nice photos.

03/02/2017 3:20am

I am a big fan of Pin up style. You are a great photographer. I love this shoot.

06/28/2017 12:12am



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