The morning of... Julie wanted to do a special photo shoot This was going to be a great surprise present for her future husband the morning of her wedding day. A little black book for his eyes only. She wanted to do a pinup photo shoot with some sexiness in it. I do have to say one of my favorite photos I have done on her was with his button up dress shirt since it was a personal touch. I Love photo shoots like this because it shows how people in love are willing to get out of their comfort zone to show their loved one that they love them and want to surprise them in a unique way.



I am sure this girls has some guts, but size doesn’t mater for many people still, she decided to have a photo shoot just for her husband and if you really love someone size really doesn’t matter.

11/11/2017 4:35am

Julie is a great representation that beauty doesn't come with our size. We can be beautiful while we are not fitting the standards of this society. Julie may not have that perfect vital statistics, but I feel like she loves herself that way. We should start empowering everyone. Instead of pulling each other down by telling them the standard each and everyone of us should reach, why don't we focus on loving our flaws?

05/27/2016 7:53am

Thus, positivity can have the ability to cause wonders to happen if you believe that it will.


I really like Pinup style. This photo shoot is fantastic! Good job out there!


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