Whats a better way to spend a Girls night out then with makeup, food, drinks and a pinup & boudoir photo shoot...
This group of 5 girls were fun to shoot they all had their own unique style of fashion but what brought this group of girls to the same common choice of style is the sexy corset, what girl would say no to it?



04/22/2016 3:26am

Exemplary. I like the enormity of efforts you put in your work. Thank you for making a change in the lives of our dear ones. I hope to link up with tour outfit soon. My wife do make ups but some of the time it does not come out the way I want it. I trust to talk to you soon.

04/04/2017 11:58pm

This is a very creative shot. Actually, I don't have any idea about "Girl's Night Out", is it has the same idea of what boys get along? I like the chosen motif for their shoot. The make up is excellent everything flows naturally. I suggest to establish it more interesting, be more creative when it comes to its background and the clothes they are going to wear, make sure it doesn't contradict your background.

06/05/2016 11:54pm

I would say yes and yes over and over again o a sexy cosset. Okay when it comes to overweight there is only one thing that I don’t like about it, and that is a bid protruding stomach. Apart from that I love the flesh. I always I love to be a little over weight. The pictures are very lovely and kudos to the photographer. You did amazing work.

12/11/2016 7:45am

Looks like it was a great Girls night out. These photos are absolutely fantastic!


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