She wanted to surprise her husband who was overseas serving our country.  This was the prefect gift. After the pinup photo shoot done we made her a Little Black for him to remember her every time his missed her. It was her first photo shoot and she nailed it.



10/12/2015 3:21am

I want that load of wood! I know, how does it feel to want? ;-)


She is indeed very beautiful. And I must say that her love for his husband even made him more beautiful. It was really nice to know how deep her love is for his husband who is working overseas. I bet her husband will not miss her a lot anymore after knowing and seeing these pictures. I admire her for doing this shoot. This just shows how brave her love is for her other half.

05/27/2016 7:55am

Miracles will happen & you will experience them in your life if you have the roots of your belief system nourished with supportive values.

08/25/2016 3:48am

Seems like she likes this style. These photos are great. Thanks for posting them.


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