She is one sweet lady she came in right away full of energy and enthusiasm. 

She was ready for anything we threw at her. At the end of her photo shoot she still left with so much energy, I don't know how she did it. 
These photos show your never to old too do something for yourself and feel young again.
She was so much fun and full of energy. We love clients who still appreciate Photography and see the importance of having Good quality photos that will last a lifetime.



08/27/2016 2:55am

Absolutely true! Time is the enemy and so we must never waste our time nor think that we are too old enough for something. We all have 24 hours a day and we have freedom and all the options in the world on how we spend time efficiently. Cherish each moments in life and always do things you loved and be proud of. Be appreciative and always acknowledge your strength and weakness and be happy within. Thank you for this wonderful and positive blog!


This is so true positive thoughts. While most of us use our own clock of life, we must not forget to value each of our time. Never get tired hoping and trying to make things work. Always think to hope and dream big but make sure to take actions in order to make those dreams get real. As a familiar quote says "Time is our enemy", I also believe that time is our friend and opportunity. That there is always time to stand up from bad dreams and failures and an opportunity to change and become a better version of ourselves. A time to heal, to help and be part of progress not just inside of your circle and family but to our great nation as a whole.


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