Polina want to create a photo shoot that was fun, mature and youthful at the same time.

 I have to say it was fun shooting this photo shoot. Love her flexibility and that she was up for anything. Also love the relationship she had with her mom, coming to the photo shoot to make sure the photos were appropriate for her age and for her YouTube Fans and personal use. 
One thing I always need to know when doing a photo shoot is the outfits after that I like to know what kind of a person they are. That's were my wife comes in play. She is the makeup artist. While she's doing their makeup is were we find out about our clients and also they find out more about us, let's say that's were we all get to know each other. 

"Time Is The Enemy"
Hugo O.



She could have at least thought of age appropriateness. The photos are wonderful no doubt and would please the fans. But, there are somethings broader than looking at a fan's perspective.


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