It was like she was a model. 

 She first came to get her makeup done a couple times and then came to do her photo shoot. We had a good time with every visit and got to know each other very well and ended up building a relationship with her, which is awesome. She also brought her cat in which was fun and interesting since we never saw a hairless cat in person.

"Time Is The Enemy"
Hugo O.



05/27/2016 7:54am

If you give your energy of thoughts to adhere to such beliefs aligned to your particular life.


Nice photo shoot Hugo. Your model is photogenic to. Her hair suits her face and the color of it. I can discover that you also added a Sphinx to show that she's a cat lover. Other than that the lighting is good and the quality of the picture is outstanding. One thing that I want to recommend is to use different setting as well.

11/02/2016 11:12am

I think there is something seriously wrong with her eyes. Why are they covered up with so much makeup? Will it not be pleasant to have people in their natural looks?

01/11/2017 11:59pm

What a cool cat! I'd like to have such pet! Nice and evil the same time :)


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