Christy's photo shoot was like her son saying mom I don't want to do this but I'm doing it for you. This photo shoot was the last photo shoot that says my baby is getting older too fast and I need to stop time but I know I can't stop time. 

" A Son May Out Grown His Moms Lap But He Will Never Out Grow His Moms Heart "
This little boy was fun and easy to shoot. You knew that he didn't want to be there but It was almost him telling his mom this is your last time to take advantage of me, I'll do whatever you want for this photo shoot. You can tell he was done with the photo shoot at several parts of the session but he continued to pull through, I was amazed of him. Everytime I would asked him to smile he would have the perfect smile that any photographer could ask for.
This photo shoot really made me see the special love of a parent and the special love of two great best friends who's love will last forever. Also their best friend they shared was amazingly a great model "Pancho". Pancho knew he was part of they family. Lets say Pancho was a natural to the camera he looked great in all of his photos. 

Don't let time be the Enemy of your memories, Always find the time to do your photo shoot. Time passes by so quickly, with out photos its hard to look back.

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"Time Is The Enemy"
Hugo Ortiz



11/08/2016 10:34pm

Though the children grow by the age but they will always a small kids for the parents and this is the feeling no one can change in this world.All the pictures are really amazing and the love between the mom and son is really valuable and any one can feel it by the pictures.

10/30/2017 9:21pm

This is one of the hardest things to watch as a parent, to watch your child grow up so fast. Time is really the enemy because we can’t really see it fly by, it just goes through so quickly. It is so sweet that even though he really did not like to have his picture taken, he willingly posed every time the camera was shot. It shows how much he loves his mom to be able to finish this photo shoot. Good job! The photos looked really great!


Very nice photos from you! But I don't like too much this white background!

07/01/2017 3:36am

Nice photos! I like this white background so much! Simple, but looks good!


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