Time flies and thats why my favorite saying is "Time is the Enemy" I love that qoute because even though time is the enemy my job is to stop it and capture it that way you can look back and enjoy those sweet moments. 

It's only once your baby turns 6 months and as a parent you know that's when they start changing and learning new things fast. They go from being your helpless little baby to adventure seekers curious about anything they can get their hands on and as much work as this stage in their growth creates for you this is where the fun begins. It's definitely a milestone you want to remember.

Our little Lyla turned 6 months and we wanted to do so many photo shoots with her. We felt we were running out of time and  felt sad that she is growing so fast. That's why we never pass on an opportunity to do a photo shoot for her. Even with our busy schedule every month we always find the time. Why? Well we don't want to forget these times. We already look back at photo's of her and say "aww, she was so small" and "look how different she looks".... If we didn't have these photo's we wouldn't even see how much she's changing and how her personality is forming. It's so easy to forget, unless you have a photo to remind you of your precious baby. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of her photo's below and remember. "Time Is The Enemy" 

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"Time Is The Enemy" 
Hugo Ortiz



Time files very fast and it depends on us that how we are taking the best out of it. I must say that your baby Lyla is very pretty , i just love her cute smile and she is so beautiful and all the pictures are really very nice and i wish you all lead a happy life forever.

02/15/2017 4:13am

Your baby is so cute! She is so perfect for photography because she's always smiling. I like her eyes, they are big and round. Well, you are right, we couldn't take back the time, so let's start the best things today that we couldn't do again tomorrow. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts, keep blogging!

08/29/2017 9:27pm

The moment when you see your little princess growing up so fast just makes me want to cry. I love my princess so much and I still remember the time when she can't even walk yet. The time when I taught her to ride a bike, tie her shoe, and etc. Seeing her on her 18th birthday made me cry because that's when I knew she grew up to be a fine lady. Just earlier this year, she made me cry again. The reason is because of the moment that I was by her side while walking her down the aisle and giving her hand to another man.

06/27/2017 1:25am

Your shots are amazing! Lyla will be a great model someday! She is just 6 months old here in the pictures but she totally got the smiles that everybody will die for. I love how you took the shots, the lighting, angles, everything! Every picture looks good and I can see everything in Lyla’s eyes. I have a niece and we are trying to photo shoot her because just like what you have said, time really flies fast and we want to take more pictures of her because she is growing fast every day, we want to collect every phase of her life by taking lots of pictures of her as much as possible.

08/29/2017 9:20pm

so cutie patootie


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