The Nine months my wife and I went through were the best nine months of our life. You can say we just went with the flow and were expecting the worst but its amazing how you evolved to the changes without realizing it. Luckily we were able to do some photos to see the belly progress. 

It's funny looking back at my wife when she was 3 months she would say "I'm Huge" and I'd tell her she wasn't because she really wasn't (and looking back at her photo's when she was 7 months she couldn't help but laugh that she thought she looked big compared to 7 months. That's why photo's are important, they don't lie they show the truth and the beauty of every milestone during pregnancy.
It was hard to find the time to do these photo shoots but I told her she better start doing shoots if she doesn't want to have regrets. I can tell you after each photo shoot she was so happy she did them. Those photo's became precious  to us and we now love looking back at them our only  regret is not doing more photo shoots while she was pregnant. It was hard to do them because we didn't see the changes happening because we were adjusting to the changes fast. If only we would've planned out the months correctly we would have done more photo shoots. 

This is why I wanted to create this for new parents or parents that don't want to make the same mistake twice. 
I think photo shoots should be done the week when you find out your pregnant the "Announcement".  After that it should be done at 3 months, then 6 months, 7 months, 8 months & 9  months. The last 3 months are the months you will see the most beautiful changes you'll ever see. 

Try not to have those beautiful memories fade inside your head, have photo's to look back on and enjoy them for years to come and also for your children. 

"Time Is The Enemy"
Hugo Ortiz


01/16/2015 4:53am

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04/19/2017 12:57am

This is all beautiful. Hugo Photography is the best agency that I know. They captured every moment perfectly. The theme of this photo shoot is amazing. I know that this couple is very satisfied in the service that they perform. I love the before and after the scene. The baby is very beautiful like her mother. I'm glad that I found this amazing post that you shared. I will share this information to every person I know.


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