The Nine months my wife and I went through were the best nine months of our life. You can say we just went with the flow and were expecting the worst but its amazing how you evolved to the changes without realizing it. Luckily we were able to do some photos to see the belly progress. 

Taking advantage of your baby's first Christmas is important. Let me tell you why, Do you have your first Christmas photo shoot? Very few do, but if you do then you know how much you enjoy looking back to see those pictures and appreciate having those memories.  I would have loved to have looked back at photo's of myself but I only have 2 to 3 photo's and no baby photo's. Which is the Reason why I became a Photographer. My wife has a couple more but not the best quality...



    Professional Photographer. 
    Proud Dad To Baby Lyla!
    I have a Passion for capturing beautiful Moments and only hope to savor these moments for everyone to enjoy!


    January 2015
    December 2014