Time flies and thats why my favorite saying is "Time is the Enemy" I love that qoute because even though time is the enemy my job is to stop it and capture it that way you can look back and enjoy those sweet moments. 

It's only once your baby turns 6 months and as a parent you know that's when they start changing and learning new things fast. They go from being your helpless little baby to adventure seekers curious about anything they can get their hands on and as much work as this stage in their growth creates for you this is where the fun begins. It's definitely a milestone you want to remember.

 Christy's photo shoot was like her son saying mom I don't want to do this but I'm doing it for you. This photo shoot was the last photo shoot that says my baby is getting older too fast and I need to stop time but I know I can't stop time. 



    Professional Photographer. 
    Proud Dad To Baby Lyla!
    I have a Passion for capturing beautiful Moments and only hope to savor these moments for everyone to enjoy!


    January 2015
    December 2014